Spray Paints for Car
Automotive Grade
and High Quality

Banna range of Automotive Spray Paints offers you the power of painting, Repairing and Restoring your bike or car on your own. Enjoy DIY Painting

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Banna Automotive Spray Paints

High Gloss

Banna Automotive Sprays come with the best finish for your vehicle.

Lasts Long

With Proper Installation Banna Automotive Sprays will last for years to come.

Wide Range of Colors

Banna Automotive Sprays come in a wide range of colors and we also do custom shades according to your requirement

Weather Resistant

Our Proprietory Spray Paints with advanced technology ensures that the paint does not fade away quickly over time and will last for years.

What are the Applications?

From Repairing, Restoring or Renewing your Vehicle, Banna Automotive Spray Paints will do it all.

  • Paint your Rims

    Be it your car or bike
    Give it a brand new look that matches your mood

  • Exhaust Pipe

    Banna High Temperature
    paints will protect your exhaust pipe and works until 600 degrees

  • Touch Up

    Have a scratch that is annoying?
    Spray it with Banna!

  • Express yourself

    Entire Body parts of your bike or Car
    can be painted with our sprays

  • Protect from Corrosion

    Protect or Restore Auto Parts
    From Corrosion.

  • Bring Back the Gloss

    Banna automotive clear paint
    will bring gloss to an existing paint job.

How to use Banna Automotive Sprays?

Sand the surface

Make sure the paint surface is free from dust, oil
and sand the surface

Spray it on

Ensure 3 layers of even coat is applied
for best results.

Allow to dry

Allow dry time between each coat and do not touch the surface until its dry.

Automotive Spray Paints
The Possibilities are endless

Having Automotive grade spray paints in a convenient and affordable spray can is a boon and it encourages our users to be self sufficient and express them selves in their own creative ways. Play around and express your creativity with Banna Spray Paints.

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Banna Automotive Spray Paints

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Frequently asked questions?

We'll be happy to address any queries you may have, Feel free to reach us at hello@bannasprays.com

1.How many colors is it available in?

Banna Automotive Spray Paints is available in over 500 + different shades.

2. Do you provide Installation?

No we do not provide installation/ application , It is solely a DIY product.

3. What if i need a custom color ?

We can create custom shades for your projects, Just send us the RAL code or a picture of your project and we can create it for you!

4. Will i get same showroom finish?

It entirely depends on the way it is applied and it is not an alternative to expensive showroom finish paints.

Restore, Renew & Redo with Banna Sprays.

Banna Automotive Spray Paints

Banna exclusive range of Automotive spray paints manufactured with utmost care
to ensure the best finish