Wood Polish Sprays
For all kinds of wood

Banna range of Wood Polish Sprays offers you an easy way to polish wooden furniture on the regular without much hassle. Forget hard and nasty brush jobs that take up lot of time. Best premium looking finish in a matter of minutes.

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No Spills

Premium Wood Polish with the convenience of a spray can avoids spillage.

Faster Application

Forget spending hours of your time brushing away , Spray on with Banna Wood polish!

Wide Variety

Banna Wood polish sprays are available for most types of woods.

Weather Resistant

Protects Wooden articles from ageing of weather, Special coating ensures maximum life for your wooden articles.

Available in 7 Stains

How to use Wood Polish Sprays?

Sand the surface

Make sure the wood surface is free from dust, oil
and sand the surface

Spray it on

Ensure 3 layers of even coat is applied
for best results.

Allow to dry

Allow dry time between each coat and do not touch the surface until its dry.

It's Fast, Easy & Efficient

Banna Wood Polish is Quick & easy to apply with the convenience of a spray can, Our high quality delivery mechanism ensures that the spray is even and does not drip. It’s Unique formula dries very quickly and leaves no residue .

Spray Polish

Restore Revive & Protect

Restore & Revive your furniture & wood articles with Banna Wood Polish Spray. Our proprietory formulation enhances the natural beauty of your wood furniture with a rich shine and no build-up. Also, resists fingerprints and repels water marks to keep your furniture looking clean and shining longer

Frequently asked questions?

We'll be happy to address any queries you may have, Feel free to reach us at hello@bannasprays.com

1.How many Stains is it available in?

Banna Wood polish sprays is currently available in 6 stains.

2. How long does it last?

Banna Wood Sprays are made to last long with proper application it will last for years to come.

3. Where can i purchase this?

You can buy it online on our store or enquire at your local hardware stores.

4. Do i need to wear protective gear while spraying?

A simple mask is recommended by us.

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Banna exclusive range of wood polish sprays manufactured with utmost care
to ensure the best finish