About Banna Spray Paints

Headquartered in Bangalore, India specialises in manufacturing complete line of industrial and automotive spray paints since 2007. Our company has been an innovative category leader, and our Banna aerosol is recognized as the best quality aerosol spray paint product. From industrial maintenance to automotive touchup to household product paint touchup needs our company provides products that suits wide range of needs

We are pioneers in manufacturing aerosol products and specialised in spray paint cans. With the extensive knowledge and experience in this respective domain we are engaged in offering high quality Aerosol Spray Paint Bottle. Offered spray paint can are comprehensively valued in the market for their most important attributes. Because of its’ premium quality, we are able to keep up a strong foothold in this industry. Previous to dispatch, provided paint bottles are checked on various parameters.

Applications of "Banna Spray Paints"

Granite Marking

Banna Spray Paints offers you high quality industrial paint markers which yield excellent results for bright & fine lines. Our sprays are best used to write on marble, granite, limestone, tiles. Our high grade aerosol paint sprays can be used as short term mark-up paint material to display information on bulky products.

Industrial Touchup

Enhance protective properties of materials along with enriching its external appeal, Banna range of paints are developed to insulate industrial materials from corrosive action. The High protective coatings are routinely applied on metal structures plus our paints also work at high temperatures.

Art And Design

Scribble, scratch or paint-Rock and roll with our newest ranges of Graffiti paint sprays. The superior aerosol cans are handy to the creative minds who like to spend time with colours. Our product offers wide range of shades, specifications and colour ranges to be used for Graffiti and other mural arts

Why "Banna Spray Paints" ?

Rust Prevention

We offer you high performance coating paints specifically designed for application directly rusted or other metal surfaces to stop the seasonal rusting. Our products have effective anti-corrosive and rust preventive strength that offers superior chemical resistance and protects many surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive contaminants.

Custom Colors

Explore the variety of colour shades and schemes for your walls offered by the Banna Spray paints. We give you a choice of the right shade of paints that reflects the elegance and choices of your style. We have varied choices of colour shades that can be customised to the specifications of the clients. All you have to do is ‘ask’.

Easy Applicable

Banna spray paints offer you the simplest and easiest way of experiencing painting. Our products come in cans, which are easy to use and dispose after its usage. We are committed to the environment protection and sustainability and has adhered to rules and regulation for ecological safety.

Graffiti Wall

Best Quality Spray Paint

We can develop any Color or Shade | RAL Shades Available

High Gloss

Our paints are mixed with lacquer to ensure the finish is shiny.

Quick Dry

Our Proprietory paints dries in less than a minute saving you time


Durability is one of the strong points of Banna Aerosol, It lasts as long as 5 years


How to use Banna Spray Cans?

Remove the cap and the inner seal below it. Shake well to make sure the marbles mix up the paint and chemicals on the bottom of the can. Always do a test spray on a piece of paper or cardboard before applying on the desired object.

How does Shaking Help?

Shaking the can well helps mix all ingredients for perfect use. High quality paint and chemicals mixture guarantee a even coverage.

Bannna Dealers: Where can I get Banna spray cans?.

Banna Sprays are available to be purchased online on our shop.

Can I use Banna colors indoors? Should I wear a respirator mask?

Yes you can use Banna Products indoors. We recommend wearing a protective mask and gloves to protect your skin and your respiratory tract. It is advised to use it in well ventilated areas.

Safety: What to do in case of eye- or skin contact with paint?

In case of eye contact or ingestion, seek medical advise immediately. Exposure to skin will not result in any damage. Wash with warm water and soap or acetone.

What about environmental issues?

Banna Cans are CFC and Ozone Friendly.

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As an artist i am pleased with the high quality of Banna sprays. It is exceptional and i would definitely recommend it for Graffitti.

Prashanth Acharya - Ravivarma Award Winning Artist

As far as the quality is concerned, Banna Sprays are really good and the colors are vivid and dark. I also found the finishing very premium compared to other brands.

Suraj (Jhampa66) - Popular Indian Youtuber

I am amazed by the quality of Banna Sprays, It is really good and i use it for all my DIY art projects.

Sujay Kumar - DIYer


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